Group 2 STEM 110T 33597

Our Problem
•The problem is, seniors need a simplified way of understanding how to use an iPad.
•Our solution is to create an iPad app, that allows seniors to understand all of the difficult things they may run into while trying to understand technology.
•We are creating an iPad app that does wonders for seniors. Its like the app Siri, but available on the iPad and is marketed to elderly people. Seniors will be able to get the app already installed on their iPads before they even leave the store, so when they get home all they have to do is open the app. The app is a simplified app, similar to Siri, but also has features like On-Star. The elder is linked directly to a live staff member for assistance. Elders can press the app called HELP. All they have to do is press the microphone that appears on the screen and say anything they want.

Business Model:
This is a profitable organization.
This iPad app automatically comes with every iPad for only seniors. If for some reason, they don’t get the app installed before they leave the store, they may purchase it for $1.99 over the online app store.
This is a product that will have booming success, because, it gives seniors a chance to be a part of society without being left behind.
One day we hope to achieve this idea for many other new forms of technology. For example the microwave, refrigerators, or any other appliance, or form of technology, we believe it could be available for computers, TV’s, DVR’S.. Etc.

Chief Management Officer – in charge of overall group facilitation, management- Mackenzie Reynolds
Chief Inputs Officer – in charge of researching and detailing the inputs required- Corey Green
Chief Design Officer – in charge of problem / solution identification, incorporating similar solutions- Moussa Diallio
Chief Communication Officer – in charge of facilitating final group presentation (point for submitting drafts and final presentation)-Mackenzie Reynolds
Chief Technology Officer – in charge of researching and explaining how group’s particular solution will be implemented (how it will work)-Kyle Sether

It will take us about 1 ½ years to get our solution to market, because we don’t want our technology app to fail.
Next year we hope to be advancing and moving on to other forms of technology.
Hopefully by three years we can make it available on every electronic touch screen available.
To be successful we need a good design, consumer growth, and consumer collaboration


•Other companies are coming up with apps that can help you better understand your device, but not the same way ours does. These other apps have instruction videos that show you basic uses for your device.
–What makes our idea better is that our app uses a live person to communicate with the user. This is what makes us unique because our app can work better with the user and doesn’t restrict what instructions they can and cannot get.
Projections and Status
•We are a fairly new company and this app is our first big project.
•The idea has been with us for quite some time now and we are finally deciding to act upon it, making it a reality. We are currently in the programming stages to configure the voice recognition software, and step by step instructions.
•New technologies accessible to seniors
–iPods, iPads, Mac’s
•Catering to their unique learning styles
–Large/clear font
–News feed/ appointment planner
–Social networking tutorials

Target Market

•Senior citizens
–People that have access to technologies
–Social networking
•People who want to reconnect with friends or family around the world.



1. Explain what biotechnology means to you?

 – It makes a, uniform, ideal product cheaper.

2. Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?

 – Yes, I believe there is a need for it. But, there is an equal need for regulations to monitor the research.

3. Provide one example for your stance on this issue.

 – I think it is needed because the genetically modified chickens produce more food for a growing population.

4. What is your academic major?

 – Biology

Interviews- Reynolds

First interview:

1. Explain what biotechnology means to you?

– It means making chickens fat by bulking them up with steroids.

2. Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?

– no, I eat organic, so I don’t care for this sort of technology. Its bad for humans to do that to food.

3. Provide one example for your stance on this issue?

– I don’t think its right to take all of the nutrients out of a chicken like that, its not good for humans, it gives us to many hormones, children are starting their periods in the third grade because of this.

4. What is your academic major?

– Sports management.

Second Interview:

1. Explain what biotechnology means to you?

– It is taking the biology of humans and breeding it into technology. So we can use technology with our biological inputs.

2. Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?


3. Provide one example for your stance on this issue?

-It would be awesome if a gun could be controlled by ones brain waves or thoughts, or controlling a computer with DNA.

4.What is your academic major?

-Elementary education Prek-6.



In an attempt to determine the degree to which your academic comtemporaries are up-to-date on the developments taking place in biotechnology, we are about to play reporter.

  1. Briefly explain what biotechnology means.
  2. Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?
  3. Provide at least one reason for your stance on this issue.
  4. What is your academic major?

Here are a few other questions that we could ask along with the questions in the book.

  1. Do you or have you purchased any GM foods?
  2. Do you have a stance on Pharming?